Customized Tools for Multiple Industries

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities are top-notch for our industry. Starting with our Engineering and Design team, we make sure we integrate manufacturability and resharpening margins in your tool from the get-go.

We have an array of CNC Grinders (ANCA), with robotic handling, tool changing and more. All of our CNC is connected to our Machine Metrics system to monitor every aspect of production. We also have PVD coating capability onsite, which enables us to offer highly competitive turnaround times and higher overall dimensional accuracy controls within our walls. As you may see in our virtual tour we also have metrology labs, presetting stations, precision grinding equipment and an array of semi-automated machines to make almost any shape.

Our manufacturing capabilities range from modifying existing tool designs to producing complex cutting tools that meet blueprint specifications for manufacturers within the aerospace, automotive, food service, medical, mining, orthopedic instrument, tooling, and die & mold sectors.

If you need custom tooling, we have the know-how to design and manufacture it, enabling you to maximize tool life. We are your tool life managers.

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