Customized Tools for Multiple Industries

At TE, our in-house manufacturing capabilities are top-notch. This competitive advantage creates an opportunity for our engineering team to design an array of special tool geometries that are unique to the material being machined.

With robotic handling, automatic wheel pack change-out, internal wheel dressing, and internal machine laser measuring, TE can manufacture a quality product largely because we monitor our processes 24/7 through the Machine Metrics platform. Our unique production system integrates tool design and process simulation with a DNC network that ties our wheel pack measuring system and CNC programming together.

A company that continually improves is a company that customers can count on. The TE engineering team tracks performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), some which include quote turnaround time, quotes awarded versus opportunities lost, and CNC programming throughput. Our educated and experienced team thinks creatively. From using parametric tool templates to simple tool modifications to multi-diameter one-shot tools that require precise geometric tolerancing and superior bore finishes.

We welcome an opportunity to tackle your toughest machining problems. Our goal is to design tools that can be resharpened a minimum of 7X and offer the best value throughout the useful life of your tooling assets.

If you need custom tooling, we have the know-how to design, manufacture, support, and continually improve it. That’s why you should rely on Tru-Edge to be your tool life manager.

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