Adding Value Through Tool Life Management

Since 1996, Tru-Edge has been a leading provider of tool life management programs and reconditioning services that include manufacturing, regrinding, reconditioning and coating. From our facilities in West Central Ohio, near Dayton, we serve customers in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, food service, medical, mining, tooling, die & mold, and woodworking.



By anticipating customer needs, engineering-minded associates proactively create, innovate & continuously improve a turnkey package of cutting tool services that accelerate growth, enhance profits, and stimulate success … Today, Tomorrow and into the Future.


To design and engineer full-service solutions that improve the lives of tools, our customers & our associates.


At Tru-Edge, associates are trusted partners, working to achieve success through innovation, product quality and mutual respect of one another. We work to meet company objectives through fair & honest business practices. We are a hardworking, caring team of people who understand that our customers success drives our success.

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