Innovations in Orthopedic Instrument Management

As longtime innovators, TE Ortho – our orthopedic instrument division – applies the most imaginative solutions to medical device applications, resulting in time and cost savings while improving quality and accuracy of finished products.

We use the most modern equipment to facilitate high-speed fluting of stainless-steel parts with extremely high metal removal rates and can produce drills and reamers with high L/D ratios.

Additionally, our intelligent software helps us produce highly customized tooling in any shape or size with simple or complex geometries. We can manufacture a variety of medical tools and components with geometries and features such as:

  • Parallel or Taper
  • Equal or Unequal Fluting
  • Square or Corner Radius
  • Multiple Screw and Tap Threading Forms
  • Multiple Step Tools and Drill Types
  • Contours and Profiles
  • Multi-Flute and Variable Helix
  • Rasp and Broach Forms with Chip Breakers

Using advanced 3-D software, TE Ortho can accept almost any CAD file, including Unigraphics and Solid Works, and generate a programmed tool path directly from the file. This process eliminates the need for trial grinding and drastically reduces tool development time because geometry of the processed tool path can be quickly verified, inspected and measured.

We can also contour-grind a component from 3-D models! Tool paths are generated from the 3-D model and output to the machine, resulting in the component geometry being duplicated from the model.

This process is useful for applications such as applying a cutting edge to a contoured surface (broach, bone rasp). By cutting teeth and grinding the palette in one step, we eliminate the need for multiple setups and operator error, accelerating turnaround time, reducing costs, and improving quality and accuracy.

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